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"they have supplied a good number of PC, printer, UPS, and all other IT related gadgets from time to time with our satisfaction."
⦁ IMPACT has built a reputation of being a reliable ‘Support & Solutions House’ for many Institutions that takes complete responsibility of hardware & networking design, delivery, implementation and support.

⦁ IMPACT has created a win-win situation by extending great convenience and multiple options to customers, while providing tremendous cost advantage to cliental. The positive impact of the technology infusion is clearly visible now in almost all areas of operations.

⦁ IMPACT believes that every organization is unique and needs customized solutions to address its requirements. We also have a conviction that business should drive technology and not the other way around to derive the best value from technology investment.

⦁ IMPACT therefore takes pride in extending our consultancy through our senior consultants who have strong IT knowledge.

⦁ IMPACT provides Uptime, a suite of support, maintenance and troubleshooting services that ensures a fast response and quick resolution to IT systems issues. Our flexible service level agreements allow you to specify required response times, resolution times, and notification procedures to address specific systems issues within your IT infrastructure. Uptime can be integrated with inside, a proactive monitoring service that optimises the availability of your mission-critical IT systems.

Welcome to Impact

We offer you a smile …. established in 1999 we have come a long way and have reached a stage where a large number of government and non-government enterprises bank on us for reliable, efficient and secure services and solutions. IMPACT is an IT Services & Solutions provider that cost-effectively provides cutting edge information technology services to its cliental. It is not only service, we deal in various products as well. We at IMPACT understand very often to select the product you need is like solving a crossword puzzle. Among the enormous supply of prestigious products and brands with their enormous features…. we help you select the product you need and arrange to install it at your place to the best of your convenience. We are there to help and assist you in case you face any problem related to the product in post installation. Our trained and efficient ‘Technical Support Executives’ are posted at different Govt. offices under FMS.
Every moment, every minute, every hour and year after year we are growing. We are growing because we can understand your problem, and thus we can relate to you.

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